Report on Prognostic Algorithms

The Giantleap project publishes today one of its key deliverables: Model-based prognostic algorithm for PEM fuel cell systems, authored by Raffaele Petrone of the University of Franche-Comté.

The full text of the deliverable is available from this link.

The report has a strong focus on realisable prognostic algorithm, i.e. that can be implemented in a real system, as opposed to methods that work well but rely on costly laboratory setups.

The Giantleap fuel-cell system is analysed by means of a Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR), which orderly and practically lays out the physical relationships between the system’s components.

The report’s main result is the Prognostic & Health Management (PHM) algorithm structure and methods to calculate the Residual Useful Life (RUL); the algorithms themselves are currently under development, and will be collected in a later deliverable (D2.2), which will however remain confidential due to the necessary inclusion of knowledge covered by industrial secret.