Giantleap Workshop: follow-up…

Giantleap’s workshop took place on December 12th in Belfort, France as an invited session of the IEEE VPPC 2017 conference.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for researchers and industrials around topics such as fuel cell degradation mechanisms, prognostics and control related to fuel cell systems for transport applications.

Giantleap’s Workshop Presentations are now on-line:

GIANTLEAP -“Diagnostics of PEMFC Degradation“, FESB, Gojmir Radica

GIANTLEAP -“Model-based approach for Prognostic in Public Transport Systems“, UFC, Raffaele Petrone

GIANTLEAP -“Diagnostics, Prognostics and Control Models for Bus Fuel Cell Systems“, SINTEF, Ivar Halvorsen

GIANTLEAP -“Fuel Cell Systems for FCE buses“, Bosch Enegineering, Harald Fischer

GIANTLEAP – “Range Extender for Electrical Citybus“, VDL, Ruud Bouwman

High V.Lo City – “Towards zero emission public transports with fuel cell electric buses“, Valentine Willmann

NewBusFuel, “Hydrogen fuel production and dispensation costs for fuel cell bus operators“, Edward Boyd