Giantleap partners: SINTEF, FESB, UFC, Bosch, ElringKlinger and VDL

The Giantleap project is a consortium of six partners from five countries in Europe:

  • SINTEF (Norway): coordination, control synthesis, data management
  • FESB (Croatia): diagnostics, laboratory tests, fuel-cell degradation
  • UFC (France): prognostics, dissemination
    • FCLAB partners of UFC, IFSSTAR and ENSMM, also participate in the project
  • ElringKlinger (Germany): fuel-cell stacks
  • Bosch Engineering (Germany): fuel-cell systems, exploitation
  • VDL Enabling Transport Solutions (Netherlands): fuel-cell range extenders for city buses
    • Other companies in the VDL group (VDL Bus Chassis and VDL Bus Roeselare) also participate in the project

In addition, since 2018, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has become an external observer in the project and participates to Giantleap’s activities.