ElringKlinger delivers single cells and short stacks to Giantleap laboratories

Within the first phase of the Giantleap project, ElringKlinger, as the responsible partner for stack development, designed single cells and short stacks for laboratory experiments at partner sites. These cells and short stacks were designed to identify and study relevant degradation phenomena which are investigated by FESB. Continue reading “ElringKlinger delivers single cells and short stacks to Giantleap laboratories”

Giantleap kicks off!

The first project meeting in the Giantleap project was held on May 23-24 at VDL’s headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The 18 delegates from the partners, several of which have previously collaborated on several projects, presented their plans for the first six months of the project.

VDL invited the participants to their workshops in Valkenswaard on the morning of May 24 to test drive their electric buses and showcase their previous-generation range extender.

The Giantleap project is now officially running, and the next project meeting is in November at UFC’s premises in Belfort.