Publication on Low-Frequency EIS Analysis

The Giantleap project congratulates their partner FESB with a successful publication in the Journal of Power Sources on the presence of inductive phenomena in the low-frequency region of electrochemical impedance spectra in PEM fuel cells. The article, Experimental diagnostics and modeling of inductive phenomena at low frequencies in impedance spectra of proton exchange membrane fuel cells, proposes a model to explain the “tail” often seen in low-frequency EIS spectra of PEM fuel cells, which many researchers can be tempted to ignore because of the significant time it requires to be measured properly. The novel equivalent-circuit model includes two additional resonant circuits, whose variables can be used in diagnostics of the degradation state of PEM fuel cells.

Thanks to support from the European Union, the publication shall be made available in open-access shortly.

Further work on the topic within the Giantleap project is ongoing, and will be presented at the European Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition in Naples, December 2017.