Giantleap Meeting M12 Held in Aberdeen

M12 project meeting of Giantleap was held on March 14th 2017 in Aberdeen, Scotland. This third meeting of the project was held in Aberdeen, 10 months after the beginning of the project giving the opportunity to Giantleap’s partners to attend the Aberdeen Hydrogen Transport Summit.

The main focus of this meeting was the finalisation of the test protocols and thus scheduling testing of BoP and stacks. Various discussions were also held regarding the formalism of control module development, inspiring the idea of a dedicated internal workshop in June regarding this task.

Giantleap will organize a workshop on degradation mechanisms of fuel cell systems and prognostics for mobility on December 12th 2017. The venue is the Atria Novotel Congress Center in Belfort, France. This workshop will be part of the IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) international conference. Participation of other FCH JU projects is encouraged, so if you are interested for more information, please contact Argyro Karathanou.

The project is globally progressing as expected and all activities are executed according to the schedule. In particular, VDL will finalise their task regarding the prototype hydrogen trailer production by the end of May.