Giantleap partners: SINTEF, FESB, UFC, Bosch, ElringKlinger and VDL

The Giantleap project is a consortium of six partners from five countries in Europe:

  • SINTEF (Norway): coordination, control synthesis, data management
  • FESB (Croatia): diagnostics, laboratory tests, fuel-cell degradation
  • UFC (France): prognostics, dissemination
    • FCLAB partners of UFC, IFSSTAR and ENSMM, also participate in the project
  • ElringKlinger (Germany): fuel-cell stacks
  • Bosch Engineering (Germany): fuel-cell systems, exploitation
  • VDL Enabling Transport Solutions (Netherlands): fuel-cell range extenders for city buses
    • Other companies in the VDL group (VDL Bus Chassis and VDL Bus Roeselare) also participate in the project